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Eugene   5 years ago
This is a copy of a letter sent to Delta

I have never flown with Delta before this trip. I usually fly first class whenever I travel. When I arrived at JFK there was no clear signage indicating where first class flyers where to go and none of the Delta personal upon seeing our status indicated that there was any priority processing. So we had to get on this long line of people instead of getting priority boarding. I asked if there was a first class lounge. I was told NO by two Delta employees. Then one employee said that there was a lounge but it turned out that it was about 15 to twenty gates away from our departing gate and when we got there we were told that it wasn't for first class flyers, it was for people who were members of what ever the name of your "Frequent Flyer" club is called. So we walked all the way back to our boarding gate to find a seat to wait for our flight. Upon boarding the plane, the first class section was little more than nicer seats and only two across instead of what ever the seating across is in coach and very little separation between the coach and first class section. With such little separation between the two sections there was a constant parade of people from coach using the bathroom located in the first class section, along with the sound of crying babies and yelling children from coach. If I wanted to experience all of that I could have saved a bunch of money and flown in coach. This was the general experience in all four flights between JFK, and Atlanta and then Atlanta to St Lucia in the Caribbean and back again. On the return trip we tried to seek out the first class lounge at the St Lucia Air Terminal and was told that we would have to pay $57.00 per person to have use of the lounge. WHAT???

Additionally when we arrived at St Lucia, the car we had rented through Delta was refused to us because of my age. I am 80 years old and was told I was too old to rent a car from AVIS. Why didn't you know this to begin with? The AVIS agent said that for the 15 years she had worked there, she had never had a senior citizen have an accident. Only the young people. Yes, you eventually sent me a refund but I nearly didn't have a car to rent while vacationing and had to go through the embarrassment of seeking out another car rental company who were all curious why I had been turned down by AVIS. As I said at the beginning of this comment, I've never flown with Delta before.

A-N-D You can bet that I'll never fly with Delta again.

Don't send me an apology, Don't send me a voucher, don't even respond to this, as anything you send me will be ignored and erased before it's read.

Thanks for giving me nothing and charging us $5000.00 for the worst first class trip I have ever experienced.

This will be posted to as many sites as I can find
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