A.   6 years ago
This was my first time flying with Westjet, and I am honestly disappointed. I will try to write this from the most objective pov.

First, they lost my luggage. I was flying from Vancouver to Toronto, but my luggage went to Halifax for no reason. The name and plane seat of my checked luggage was also wrong, very wrong. I would not call that a typo.
Second, after I got my luggage back, my brand new luggage lost a wheel! The wheel was not broke, it was completely gone. How would you feel if it was you?
Third, when I ask for compensation, the Westject agent's customer service was really horrible, they never tell me the full information until I ask.
Fourth, I was told by the agent that I will receive an email after 5 minutes. But after 1 hour, I still not have received anything from Westjet. When I phone them up, the staff told me they could not even find the file under my name, and then my account does not exist. Great job, Westjet.

In summary, they lost my luggage first, broke my luggage afterward, and when asked for compensation, it was agreed verbally without any action follow.

I don't know how airline companies work, but Westjet was not able to fulfill a single "responsibility" for my case. This is how I felt. The above case happened on January 4th, 2019.
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