Bratislava International Airport

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Bratislava, Slovakia (BTS)

Main airport in Slovakia, serving the capital Bratislava. Convenient for visiting Vienna, Austria. Mainly used by low cost airlines.

Official name: M. R. Stefanika
Distance to center of Bratislava: 9 km 
Distance to center of Vienna:  75 km
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Ma***   5 months ago
The airport of Bratislava is so close to Vienna, that the better name should be "Bratislava - Vienna East Airport". The terminal is small, but quite new and arrival process is very fast. It's maybe 10 minutes from disembarking the aircraft to finding yourself on the parking lot in front. Very convenient if traveling to Vienna, as the buses to Vienna depart from the bus stop at the parking lot (next to Arrivals) every 30-60 minutes or so. There are many cheap airlines landing, as opposed to the expensive tickets from Vienna airport, which makes it a really good deal.
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