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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (DXB)
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DXB is the world's biggest airport in terms of International passengers served and the main airport of the UAE. 


Ah***   2 months ago
My least favourite transit airport ever.
Your know when an airport is wayyyyy too big and getting from gate to gate is crazy silly well that's Dubai.
Terminal 3. Landed on C11, and connecting flight was C6. Well u would this they are close by if it's the same terminal. But nope..I had my baby with me and thank god it was a cabin 3fold stroller so no waiting at the plane. To retrieve it.
Firstly my flight transfer time was 2.30 hrs.
Flight landed. Stairs to get to the bottom of the plane to get a shuttle bus to the terminal. Of course the last off the plane cos I needed help to retrieve my luggage they places elsewhere overhead and to get some one to carry it so I can walk safely down the stairs to the ground and onto the bus.
But get to the terminal after what felt like a good 10-15 mins. (UK to Dubai)
After, I flip open my troller and head straight to transit (security check again scanning stuff) head in again to my gate which I check inflight before landing to speed up. ( I had previously travelled the same route many years ago with my husband and it was just as bad and I really thought it was just a one off back then..) anyway, what I expected to be a few gates down was not the case. I was walking follow signs, quickly I may add,it was taking a lift down out and walking further ahead and again having to take the lift up and again walking and walking ( u can't even use the small.belts cos of the barrier gates that says no strollers, trolleys or large suitcases) and again another lift... It was rededuclous. Like connecting to invisible different buildings that look continuous big obviously not because u have to go up or down escalators or in my case lifts next to them to get to your gate.
The flight channel said if was 20 mins to the gate from the gate we landed but even with pushing and jogging with the stroller it it me 2 hrs to get to the gate just in time to go to gate check and fold up my stroller and for them to stay to board the plane!,
Once on the plane it was. Delayed because 6 passengers hadn't boarded and their luggage was in our hold of the plane so they had to off load them. Which was another 35mins. Obviously there would have been a delayed flight some were and though the luggages made the plane the passengers were still trying to reach the gate! Just the worst airport, too big n badly laid out. They should have a shuttle train in the middle to stop at each gate.
What's more annoying is watching perfect capable of walking passengers just enjoying a ride in the carts that drive the disabled. Men in their 50s well built, we wearing shorts chilled out. Tourist that think they are in a holiday resort.
Also annoying is that the ambulances or these carts can't even drive because transit passengers are standing in the middle of the walkway/drive way and with their luggage blocking the walkway and too busy chatting when there is enough of space to be at the side.
I also walked passed a smoking room that was bit away, but the smoke was so strong the outside a few meters away smelt awfully of thick smoke that it really choked me and that when I was already breathless and trying to run toy gate pushing my baby.

My return is 1.30 an hour less. I doubt I will make the flight in time, so will try to ask for a cart to drive baby n myself if it's quicker, but 2hrs of rushing is a joke but to lie that it's 20 mins is a piss take! They probably make money by having passengers stranded n hope they spend time shopping at duty free killing time n putting them on other flights. I would say better to have a 3hrs transit always to make up for the delays they always have taking off...
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