Eilat Ramon Airport

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Elat, Israel (ETM)

There are no hotels adjacent to the airport. You need to book accommodation in Eilat​


Pe***   5 years ago
A brand new airport opened this year serving the red sea resort of Eilat. Designed to accommodate primarily leisure traffic according to the best standards in terms of simplicity and comfort. It is located some 20 km from the city, but reachable by bus within 30 min (approx 1 EUR ticket). The bus runs every 20 min or so; The transit process is smooth, but it takes time due to the security checks (mandatory interviews), e-visa checkouts, and so on, wifi excellent for work, seating is enough and there is a burger king inside along with a few duty free stores. A small 8 people smoking booth is present airside too. Planes are reached by walking and by buses (depends on where they park on the apron), which is quite handy.
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October 2019
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