Frankfurt Airport

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Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)
Starts at 45 min

Frankfurt is the 4th busiest airport in Europe and a major transit hub. 


Pe***   5 years ago
Being one of the busiest airport in Europe, Frankfurt is not precisely pleasant if one is in a hurry. I flew Lufthansa and enjoyed connection within their terminal, so I hoped for a smooth experience, similar to MUC. But no, the transit process was painful...It was a pure labyrinth inside..Following the signs to the connecting gate I passed by so many locations, duty free shops, passport control, going down 4 floors or more by stairs in absence of working elevators, then a very very long underground pedestrian tunnel leading some other section, then ups and downs again to find myself in a ground floor departure section served by buses with no cafes, shops or anything around. That departure section (with the size of regional airport terminal) at some point got extremely crowded. This inter terminal journey kept me busy for 30-40 minutes, which in the end is fine, but if I have to chose between connecting flights in MUC or FRA, I will definitely go for MUC!
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April 2019
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