Kutaisi Airport

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Kutaisi, Georgia (KUT)
Wizz Air

Low cost airport near the town of Kutaisi, Georgia. Located in the center of the country, 260 km. away from the capital Tbilisi.
Official name: David the builder airport


Pe***   2 years ago
Former military airport, which the Georgian government has started to commercialise as a low-fare gateway to Georgia. It has a new terminal building and resemble the small regional airports in Western Europe - no buses to the planes, planes are parked at the tarmac, just a short walk from the 3 gates. Wizz air have 3 planes stationed there, flying to Europe everyday and in the morning it gets pretty crowded. The runway is funny as it has no side roads, so the plane needs to make a 180 degree turn in order to change direction at take off or landing. The airport is located literally in the middle of nowhere, in a field, with the city of Kutaisi being some 20-30 km away.
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October 2018
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