Luxembourg Airport

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Luxemburg, Luxembourg (LUX)
Ryanair, Luxair
35 min+

‚ÄčLuxembourg International Airport (older name: Findel Airport) is the only airport serving Luxembourg.


Assen   5 years ago
Luxembourg airport could well qualify for the best small airport in Europe.

To start with, it is close to the city and easily reachable (linked by two bus lines, one of which continues to operate well into the night and goes to the train station). There is supposed to be a tram line also at some point, but it looks like the French part of these guys has taken over their German origins when it comes co speed of construction, so don't hold your breath - it will be years, if at all. And while the bus is fast and convenient (ca. 15 min. to downtown), its drivers don't like selling tickets (although they are obliged to) and resort to dirty tricks like having no change (which would leave them with some extra cash, should you pursuit the ticket purchase); all alternatives are not 100% convenient, as many bus stops lack ticket vending machines and the mobile app is, blah... more mobile crap on your phone for a short visit? All hopes that the decision to make the public transit free in Luxembourg from the spring on 2020 will hold.

But back to the airport itself. If seems to have enough check-in desks and while there are not too many security check lines, under normal operation (which is 8-10 outbound flights per hour, some of which for regional aircraft) making it to the airside still takes less than 5 minutes.

Shopping may not be the biggest plus of LUX, but it has a well-stocked shop (forget the "duty free" part of the name, LUX is in EU) with all essential spirits, tobacco and sweets you'd expect. At least two eateries cater for some rather reasonable food.

One of the best features of this airport is the speed of boarding. The bigger of its two buildings handles aircraft via jetties, so everything goes as fast as possible (some of these are beyond the border control, which has a number of automated gates for speedy passage). The smaller building is linked to the bigger with walkways and is only limited to regional aircraft, which park... right in front of their corresponding gate - so no buses, no extra waiting and queuing, just go through the gate and walk up the staircase into the plane. Nice! (And don't even think to comparing this to places Stansted, where you have to drag your hand luggage stories up and down because they decided to save on escalators.) Both terminal buildings are very clean, spacious (there is always a free seat for you) and, all-in-all, quite comfortable.

Free WiFi of very good quality is available throughout the airport.

Truly, LUX offers one of the most pleasant experiences for the average traveler in EU.
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