Wizzair connecting flights | Useful tips for passengers

Wizzair is a point to point airline and does not sell connecting flight tickets. On its website, you can only buy one way or return tickets for direct flights. Wizzair formally states on its website that  it cannot facilitate the transfer of passengers and their baggage to other flights. However, due to the low fares and the vast network of destinations many passengers self connect. The following article provides useful tips for self connecting with Wizzair. 

Ryanair, are connecting flights possible?

Ryanair has been strictly point-to-point airline, and while plans for connecting flights were revealed in 2017, it still remains oriented towards direct flights. Currently official Ryanair connecting flights are offered via a limited number of connecting airports. These airports are Rome Fiumicino (FCO), Milan Bergamo (BGY), and Porto (OPO). 

Air Serbia, surprisingly good for connecting flights

Air Serbia, an Etihad partner, over the past few years has developed as a good connecting flights operator. A successor of the former JAT Airways, Air Serbia maintains a good regional network in the west balkans. 

Connecting flights at Warsaw Modlin Airport

Warsaw Modlin airport is the second airport serving the capital of Poland. It opened in 2012 at premises formerly used as military airfield. Its passenger traffic is generated exclusively by low cost carriers. Warsaw Modlin is also one of the bases of Ryanair.

LOT Polish Airlines - connecting flights editorial Review

Over the course of 3 years, we have flown LOT Polish Airlines over 10 times. These were short haul EU flights connecting at Warsaw Chopin airport with domestic flights. You can find out about our experience by reading this article. 

What is minimum connection time?

Minimum connection time (MCT) is the minimum time needed to transit at a given airport between two flights. It is an official figure, calculated by airport authorities and airlines. 

Travel Insurance | Reviews and useful tips for travellers

When taking complex trips abroad, having a travel insurance is highly recommended. There are countless options available to travellers, mostly based on country of residence. You can buy insurance from local or international providers, which partial, complete or conditional coverage of events. As a standard practice, travel insurance is offered at time of booking your flights, just before you press the confirmation button. This is a very common way of securing protection during your trip, but also a risky one as you don’t have enough time to focus on the small prints.

Bulgaria Air, what connecting flights does it offer?

Bulgaria air, being the national carrier of Bulgaria, is not a connecting flights oriented airline compared to its successor Balkan Airlines. It is rather a regional point-to-point airline, serving also as a feeder carrier of Air France / KLM, Brussels Airlines, Alitalia and others. 

No middle name for Air Tahiti Nui - what a puzzle

This experience of Air Tahiti Nui was shared by our top reviewer Valentin. It truly deserves to be presented as an article. 

What you need to know about Emirates Fly Dubai Connecting flights

In order to achieve schedules’ synergy Emirates airlines and Fly Dubai have entered into partnership agreement, under which you can fly on Fly Dubai network with an Emirates tickets. If you hold such a ticket, there are a few important things to note.