8 tips on airport transiting: how to make the best out of your connecting flights

Are you a transit passengers who struggles all the time with flight connections? Flight delays, security checks, loss of baggage, transit visas, long layovers, missed connections…is this causing you troubles? We have put together for you 8 tips to make your transiting a pleasant experience.

Connecting flights: When should we shrink wrap our baggage

We bet you have noticed the shrink wrapping machines situated at the check in areas of most major airports. These devices are there for a reason - people use them. Passengers shrink wrap their baggage for a number of reasons, in most cases related to safety. When do you need to shrink wrap your baggage? Read further to find out. 

7 useful tips on planing a budget holiday so that you travel for less

Today traveling is really easy - a passport, a credit and an iPhone are the only essentials you need to roam the world. If money is not a factor for you, then stop reading this. Just sit back, relax, open and, keep your credit card at hand and book whatever you find good. If money is somehow a scarce resource, but you still want to see many places on a tight budget, then keep on reading. You may find a few useful tips here.

Missed connecting flights - are we entitled to compensation?

Within European Union, a very straightforward regulation exists as to passenger rights for denied boarding, flight delays or cancellations. The basic rule states that if your flight has a delay of over 3 hours, you are entitled to monetary compensation by the airline. However, very often shorter delays can cause you to miss your connecting flights, which in turns puts in a spiral of problems. The good news is that policies and regulations governing missed connecting flights in Europe now exist and you are entitled to compensation if you arrive at least 3 hours later at your final destination. 

Wizzair connecting flights | Useful tips for passengers

Wizzair is a point to point airline and does not sell connecting flight tickets. On its website, you can only buy one way or return tickets for direct flights. Wizzair formally states on its website that  it cannot facilitate the transfer of passengers and their baggage to other flights. However, due to the low fares and the vast network of destinations many passengers self connect. The following article provides useful tips for self connecting with Wizzair. 

What is minimum connection time?

Minimum connection time (MCT) is the minimum time needed to transit at a given airport between two flights. It is an official figure, calculated by airport authorities and airlines. 

Travel Insurance | Reviews and useful tips for travellers

When taking complex trips abroad, having a travel insurance is highly recommended. There are countless options available to travellers, mostly based on country of residence. You can buy insurance from local or international providers, which partial, complete or conditional coverage of events. As a standard practice, travel insurance is offered at time of booking your flights, just before you press the confirmation button. This is a very common way of securing protection during your trip, but also a risky one as you don’t have enough time to focus on the small prints.

No middle name for Air Tahiti Nui - what a puzzle

This experience of Air Tahiti Nui was shared by our top reviewer Valentin. It truly deserves to be presented as an article. 

Austrian Airlines offers the best connecting flight between Sofia and New York

Sofia - New York is one of the many busy routes served only by connecting flights. A research carried out by SafeConnect revealed that Austrian Airlines offers the best connecting flight.