Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport - how connection-friendly is it?

Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade (IATA code: BEG) is the hub of Air Serbia and the main international airport of the country of Serbia. It consists of two terminals - Terminal 1 used by low cost carriers and charter airlines and Terminal 2 used by Air Serbia and the remaining foreign legacy carriers. BEG is a state run airport, which has its effects on quality of service. One of the main areas of concern is baggage handling, where passengers are advised to lock their transit checked baggaged in order to prevent thefts. While waiting for their next flights, tranist passengers can enjoy a duty free shop and a few cafes & bars. You can enjoy free wifi for 30 min. 

As the map shows, BEG is quite a compact airport, which allows for relatively quick transit inbetween flights. The official minimum connection time is 45 min on average. Air Serbia, a connecting flights oriented airline, uses BEG as its hub and main passenger transit point, so this service is well developed and there is a check in/transfer desk available for transit passengers. 

Nikola Tesla Airport Belgrade, source: Wikimedia

In case of a long layover at Belgrade Airport, and provided you are allowed visa free entrance to Serbia, you can easily use the time to visit the city center of Belgrade by grabbing a taxi. The distance is around 18km and unlike western Europe, taxi service is rather inexpensive in Serbia. To browse and book hotels conveniently located near the Belgrade airport and in the city itself, follow this link

The Nikola Tesla airport of Belgrade serves the following airlines: Air Serbia (hub), Aegean Airlines, Aeroflot, Alitalita, Austrian Airlines, Belavia, Croatia Airlines, Easyjet (low cost), Atlas Global (low cost), Etihad Airways, Fly Dubai (low cost), German wings (low cost), Lot, Lufthansa, Norwegian (low cost), Montenegro Airlines, Pegasus (low cost), Qatar Airways, Swiss, Tarom, Transavia, Turkish Airlines, Vueling (low cost), Wizz Air. 

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