Connecting flights at Paris Beauvais airport: What we need to know

Beauvais Tille Aeroport (IATA code: BVA), also known as Paris Beauvais airport is an airport located near the town of Beauvais, some 80km north west of Paris. It serves around 4 million passengers annually and is rather small. It consists of two adjacent terminals and is used by low cost carriers only, namely Ryanair, Wizzair and Blue Air.

Visualization of Beauvais airport from the outside. Credits: Wikipedia

The airport is suitable mainly for self-connecting flights of passengers traveling on Wizzair and Ryanair. There are a number of passengers who land at Beauvais airport and further connect to flights departing from the main airport of Paris - Charles de Gaulle (IATA code: CDG), boarding long haul flights of Air France.

Beauvais airport is designed as a typical low cost airport and has not transit (airside) facilities. What do you need to know?

In case you plan on an overnight connection, be aware that the airport closes at night. The opening hours vary per day of the week, you can check the exact hours here. Closed at night effectively means that no-one is allowed inside the terminal buildings. The only option is to either book a hotel room or stay in open spaces outside. The good news is that there a few hotels in a walking distance from the airport and a few more in the adjacent town of Beauvais, which are easily accessible. All hotels you can find and book here.

In case you plan to catch a connecting flight from Charles de Gaulle airpot (CDG), the best way is to make use of the shuttle bus service to port Maillot in Paris. The shuttle  timetable is coordinated with the flights’ schedules, so there will be a luxury bus waiting for you to take you to Paris. Tickets can be bought either online or on sport, here is the link. The travel time to Paris is 1h 15min. From port Maillot you can then board RER and travel to Charles de Gaulle airport. From trips from port Maillot to Beauvais airport, be aware that the shuttles depart approximately 3h before each flight.

If you land at Beauvais airport and have a connecting flight from the same airport, you will need to exit the airside area before proceeding to boarding your next flight. This means that If you arrive from a non-schepgen country, that process will also include passport control so that you are officially admitted in the territory of France. Take this into consideration in case you need a (transit) visa.

Landing in Beauvais you will find yourself either in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. Most flights from the non-Schengen area land at Terminal 1. That however is of little importance, as overall the airport is very compact and both terminals are adjacent. You can look at the map here.

In terms of amenities, don’t expect too much. The facility resembles a bus station more than a typical airport and it is entirely design around the low cost concept. There are a few shops and cafes, but no relaxation areas with armrest chairs or any kind of lounges. You won’t find electricity plugs except in the coffee shops. There is some limited time wifi available.

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