Connecting flights at Skopje International Airport: Useful tips

Skopje International Airport (code: SKP) serves the capital of the republic of North Macedonia (formerly FYROM).

Since the republic of North Macedonia lacks a national carrier, the airport of Skopje is being used only by foreign carriers. It is linked with direct flights to most of ex-Yugoslavia capitals, namely Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana. Qatar Airways, Fly Dubai, Turkish Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Aegean and a few other carriers also operate to Skopje International Airport.

The most significant airline is the low cost carrier Wizzair, which has based over 5 aircraft in SKP, offering flights to the stunning 31 destinations across Europe. Although Wizzair does not offer connecting flights, the abundance of cheap fares makes Skopje airport attractive for self-connecting.

Skopje airport is located some 24 km outside of the city, easily accessible by a highway. It features a brand new terminal building, built and operated by the Turkish company TAV. The terminal has unique design, where most flights are served by air bridges. The smaller propeller aircraft park close to the air bridges so that passengers can walk to the arrival's zone of the terminal.

SKP handles slightly over 2 million passengers annually, so it is not very busy compared to the other regional airports across Europe. Security and passport checks are fast so self-connecting can be achieved in a relatively short time. In extreme cases 1h can even be enough, although such short transit can pose risks.

The terminal is equipped with an airside connection facility and any connecting flights offered on one ticket can done airside. We cannot independently confirm whether it is operational and can be used for self-connecting travellers who carry hand bags only.

In case of longer layovers, sleeping in the terminal building is possible, although not very comfortable. There aren’t any adjacent hotels, best is to get to to the city center by taxi (approx 20 EUR) or shuttle bus, running according to flight schedules. You can check and book hotels in Skopje here

In terms of amenities, there is free Internet, duty free shop, fast food and other restaurants, VIP lounge. 

Written by editorial team