Wizzair connecting flights | Useful tips for passengers

Does Wizzair operate connecting flights?

Wizzair is a point to point airline and does not sell connecting flight tickets. On website, you can only buy one way and return tickets for direct flights. Wizzair formally states on its website that  it cannot facilitate the transfer of passengers and their baggage to other flights.

Why do we see Wizzair connecting flights in popular sites?

If you search for flights in popular search engines such as, you may notice flight combinations involving Wizzair. These are the so-called “virtual interlining” fares, which online travel agencies pre-package. As a rule, you need to be very cautious when booking such fares, as Wizzair will not take care of you in case of missed connections or schedule changes. Some online travel agencies protect virtual connections, others don’t.

Can I book Wizzair connecting flights?

You are free to book Wizzair connecting flights at your own risk. However, note that you need to book each flight separately. For example if you are in Rome and would like to reach the Black sea city of Varna, you may book a Wizzair flight from Rome to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and then book a separate domestic Wizzair flight from Sofia to Varna. You are responsible for the transfer at Sofia airport and in case you don’t present yourself on time at the Varna boarding gate, Wizzair will not rebook you on another flight. You will be marked as a no-show passenger and need to find alternatives ways of reaching Varna. Wizzair will not compensate you in any way. 

Tips for booking Wizzair connecting flights

Wizzair connecting flights are often a good alternative to full frill carriers, either because of exceptionally good fares or because of convenient schedules. You need to follow the general rules for booking self-connecting flights. Remember the following tips:

  • Book self-connecting flights only if they are a real bargain. Since you bear the risk, you need to make sure that the deal is worth it.
  • Leave enough time between the connections. Keep the connecting time above 3 hours, whenever possible. There is always a risk for your incoming flight to be delayed, but the bigger risk is the possibility of schedule change. Low fare airlines often make schedule changes in advance. The higher the connection time, the lower the chance that a schedule change will affect the feasibility of your Wizzair connection.
  • Check in online and have your boarding passes for both flights ready in hand.
  • Travel with hand baggage if possible. This way you won’t need to collect your check-in baggage form the belt.
  • Check the connecting airport layout and seek advice in advance. For example some airports from where Wizzair operates have point to point design. They don't have airside connection infrastructure. Such an airport is London Luton. At Luton airport you must always pass through immigration. In case you need a UK transit visa, your connection may be at risk.
  • Have a plan B, always. Research possible alternative routes once in transit. Be prepaid of how to react in possible emergency situations.

And our final advice is to enjoy your trip! Wizzair is a great airline, which millions of Europeans love.

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