Terms and Conditions

1. Editorial policy

We will only publish reviews if:

1.1. You have included your full name used for travel.
1.2. Comments are understandable, do not require structural editing and are in English language. 
1.3. Comments are free of abusive language, non-biased and may not lead to legal implications if published.
1.4. Ranking and comments correspond to the factual situation.
1.5. Comments do not constitute claims for compensation for delays, lost or damaged baggage, denied boarding or any other requests. 

Each review is subject to manual verification. In some cases our team may apply small grammar non-structural changes to the submitted comments. In some cases, we may contact you by e-mail for further information or proof of travel in order to publish the review. There may be cases that we decide not to publish a review based on our own discretion. 

By submitting your review, you agree to give up any copyrights associated with it. You agree ConnectionReview.com to mention you as an author by your first name or initials. Once published, your review becomes part of the integrated content of this website. 

2. Terms of use

2.1 Ownership rights

ConnectionReview.com, operated by Travel Services LTD owns all right to the content published on this website. No part of this website can be copied, reproduced, transmitted or distributed in any form, without obtaining written permission by Travel Services LTD. This website can be used solely for viewing purposes. 

2.2. Limitation of Liability

Browsing, using and interpreting the information published in this website is entirely at your own risk. Neither ConnectionReview.com nor its owner Travel Services LTD, along with any parties associated or affiliated with it are liable for any damages of direct, indirect, incidential or any other nature, arising out of your use of this website. The information provided is on "as is" basis, without warranty for non-infringment or corruption by third parties. 

2.3 Accuracy of user generated data

This website collects and aggregates user-genared data. The data reflects the opinions of various users over the internet. ConnectionReview.com does not control the factual relevance of collected opinions, as various users may perceive identical situations differently. ConnectionReview.com takes all possible steps to verify that opinions are formed by true events and do not represent malicious attempts to convey inaccurate information. The steps include, but are not limited to IP address checks, email verification, manual checks based on set of criteria. In certain occassions, we may request the user to provide us with proof of journey by email.  

2.4 Accuracy of non-user generated data

Non-user generated data refers to information published on this website by staff of ConnectionReview.com. Part of this information includes texts and visuals refering to particular airlines subject to user-generated reviews. These texts and visuals are based on publicly available information including official airline websites. ConnectionReview.com has the right to change or modify any non-user generated information at any time and without prior notice. 

2.5 Liability disclaimer

The information of this website may include inaccuracies and errors of different origin. ConnectionReview.com, nor its owner Travel Services LTD assume or undertake NO LIABILITY of any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use, misuse or reliance on the information and content of this website.  

2.6 Acceptance of terms of use

By using this website, you accept the terms of use outlined above. If you wish not to accept the terms, please refrain from using this website. 

3. Privacy policy

ConnectionReview.com takes privacy seriously and strives to collect minimum personal data, needed for authentication purposes. As part of our editorial policy, we ask you to provide your name, surname and an e-mail address. Your e-mail address and surname are neither published on this website, nor shared with any third parties. 

Last revision: March 21, 2016